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VTEN, Thai quality shoes brand to the world opening in Osaka, Japan

Updated: Jan 3

BANGKOK RUBBER DEVELOPMENT CENTER CO., LTD., Thailand biggest shoes manufacturer, since 1974, had join the TFTO fair 2018 in Osaka, Japan (THAI FASHION & TEXTILE FAIR IN OSAKA), by launching the new THAI Vulcanized Sneaker, THAI Vulcanized Slip On of "VTEN" brand, under concept, “PROUDLY MADE IN THAILAND” which reflex love and proud to be "THAI"

BANGKOK RUBBER DEVELOPMENT CENTER CO., LTD. is one of 14 sub-company under management by Sahapathanapibul Group (SAHAFOOTWEAR GROUP), capable to produce many type of shoes such as sneakers, dance shoes, cut shoes, slipper, safety shoes and many kind of sport shoes etc., which successfully exporting over 600 million pairs, 50 country and is one for the place worked for Nike's manufacturing

Said Ms.Tanyakorn Porntrakulsak, PAN Group's Business Development Manager, the inspiratoin of "VTEN" is the combination between Modern Thai fashion design and comfortable to the concept of "Classic Item & Everyday Wear". The all the material used on VTEN shoes are Local and natural materials. And is the only brand to have unique & eco-friendly 100% natural rubber formula for shoes' base. And by having to be a part of the Japan fair, is to show that Thai brand can compete in anywhere worldwide which pick the Japan press and distributor an interest.

VTEN shoes has variant collection to choose, loved by youngsters and design for both genders. But the most popular collection of all is Phuruea slip on and Sam Roi Yot sneaker.

VTEN has many sale channel in Thailand i.g. currently available in online channel and will be on Special Store such as A'MAZE, PROJECT BEYOND and other relevant store in Thailand, will be on sale at October 2018 onward. Furthermore, VTEN has plan to go abroad to the bigger market in Southeast Asia e.g. Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Benefit of VTEN shoes

• Shoes textile (Upper) use 100% woven cotton canvas and using laser technology to create a significant Thai illustration design on the shoes, making VTEN has their unique point in it own

• Inside support (Insole) using special foam and a layer of fabric to add the softness, help the wearer feel more comfortable when they walk on VTEN, also with ventilated feature help air flow under wearer's feet

• Shoes' base (Outsole) using 100% natural rubber which give VTEN shoes the most friction resistant, durable yet well resilient, including indirectly help fill Oxygen and reduce global warming gas to the atmosphere.

• Shoes' base design (Foxing) adopting Old Thai character and laser on outsole's rubber texture, to emphasize the uniqueness of VTEN style

VTEN “A SIGNATURE STYLE” Thai's product, worthwhile for everyone worldwide “Help love and preserve motherearth, choose VTEN”

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